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A transition to clean energy is about making an investment to our future
Greenwatt Energy
Towards a sustainable future for all
Greenwatt Energy
Commercial grants to fund your solar project
Greenwatt Energy
If only there was some kind of infinite power source that was free to use all day every day.
Join the energy revolution with Greenwatt Energy.
Free energy forever.
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Solar electricity is FREE

All you need is the equipment to harness this unlimited resource from above. With energy costs spiralling upwards and the catastrophic effects on our planet, there has never been a better time to go solar.

Energy that doesn’t cost the earth

In the past huge resources and fossil fuels have been used to generate electricity. Solar electricity does not cost the earth. Solar electricity is nature at work effortlessly.

Increase your profits

Whether its commercial or residential, Greenwatt Energy can install intelligently designed systems to reduce grid dependence by generating your own free electricity This means increased profits and lower household bills.

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Open book pricing model.
Warehouse prices on all equipment Installation cost and project management cost It’s as simple as that.
High quality solar panels
The very best products from market leading manufactures like LG and REC.
Quality Guaranteed installation
Insurance backed workmanship warranty. Product warranties of up to 25 years.
Solar Photovoltaic (or PV) is a technology that converts sunlight into direct current
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With the huge rise in gas prices and the catastrophic impact of fossil
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Solar for Transport EV Chargers Solar for Transport EV Chargers Solar for Transport
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The Governments commitment to net zero carbon does mean some local authorities offer
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Pay 30-45p per kwh of electricity or harness FREE, clean and renewable energy from nature

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Save Your Money
Save on costly electricity bills. After the initial investment, returns are made on substantial savings on your electricity bill.
Excellent Customer Service
Our business model is designed to put the customer first. In consultation with you, Greenwatt Energy will select the best products on the market and help design a quality, fit for purpose, PV solar system. This ensures your interests rather than company profits come first. We offer transparency, trust and competitively priced solar installations.
Quality Guaranteed Installations
Insurance backed workmanship warranty
Planning & Grants
Greenwatt Energy provides a seamless service for obtaining DNO permission, local authority planning approvals to assistance in grant applications.

0% VAT

Tax Incentives

Local Regeneration Grants

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions

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